Subaru R1e testing in the US

Subaru R1eThis week near the day of the international motor show in New York company Subaru, planning to transfer is a little exemplary electromobiles for testing of one of the American companies in the summer, will present to public model Subaru R1e.

New model of Subaru which in 2006 even has got the special award in the field of ecology, is used today in Japan by companies Tokyo Electric Power Company and NEC Lamilion Energy. In the near future Subaru R1e will pass tests and in the US where experts from New York Power Authority will be engaged to test it. Following the results of tests which is planned to spend throughout all summer, decision-making on a serial production will take place.

Subaru R1e it is equipped with the electromotor power of 53 h.p. and lithium-ionic the battery. The maximum speed of the car makes 105 km/hour, and without additional charge the car is capable to pass 80 km. To recharge an electromobile by means of the special device 15 mines are necessary, in that case the model can overcome 40 km. From house network Subaru R1e it is charged within 8 hours. By 2012 the manufacturer plans to realise in the world market about 3 thousands of cars.