Peugeot 207 – Best seller in the Europe

Presented on finished the work ММАС-2008 family Peugeot 207, undoubtedly drawn attention of visitors of an exhibition, on sales volumes in the Old World has deservedly received “silver”, and in separate nominations its representatives and at all became unconditional leaders.

Peugeot 207 SW became the first in its category, thus the compartment-cabriolet 207 СС also is in the lead in the category.

For eight months 2008 of sale Peugeot 207 in Russia have reached 3 222 cars. Realisation growth in comparison with the similar period of last year has reached an order of 105 % (1576 cars are sold). Today in the Russian market model Peugeot 207 is accessible in a body “hatchback” and “compartment-cabriolet”.

The model, along with stamp novelties, became one of stow-stopper’ov the French stand. It is necessary to notice, that within the limits of a motor show the special program of crediting for Peugeot 207 “0 % of an overpayment”, developed by bank PSA Finance (trade mark Peugeot Finance) according to which the buyer of 207th has possibility to get the stylish compact French car at a zero overpayment has been presented existing and potential clients Peugeot.

Conditions and crediting parameters are thought over by the manufacturer so that rise in price of the car has not exceeded 0 % that provides to clients the maximum benefit from purchase, and it, in turn, means, that sales volumes of the French brand in Europe will continue the growth.