Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman Guard

Throughout eight-ten years of a Mercedes-Benz lets out armour cars, and in honour of such anniversary event the company has decided to let out a luxurious limousine under name S600 Pulman Guard.

The car in total length of 6 355 mm, that on 1 150 mm more than the longest S-klass, has the extended wheelbase to 4 315 mm. Дигатель at S600 Guard 5,5-litre, developing 517 h.p. the Unit works through a rear wheel drive together with a five-step automatic transmission. Accordingly, because of the impressive sizes of a wheelbase engineers had to work seriously over a suspender.

For biggest conveniences of six passengers which can settle down in a comfortable limousine, have raised a roof of a rear of the car.
Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman Guard
Armour S600 Pulman Guard definitely will sustain explosion of a manual grenade and bombardment from armour-piercing small arms as meets the requirements of the higher degree of protection B6/B7, and also will keep roadability at tyre damage. Besides, thanking to a fuel tank and system of an automatic extinguishing, the risk of ignition of anniversary model decreases.

Let’s remind, that Mercedes-Benz S600 Pulman is the office car of the President of the Russian Federation and the chairman of the government of Russia.