Mazda6 wont get hybrid engine

The Japanese motor-car manufacturer does not plan release new Mazda6 2009 with the hybrid engine, despite available technologies, possibilities and the saved up experience.

Company Mazda already makes the hybrid power unit for the off-road car Tribute developed together with Ford, however, while abstains from installation of hybrid “cursor” on sedan Mazda6 in a kind of that the model and so it is economic enough at present, informs site Motorauthority. The Same information in interview Edmunds was confirmed with the vice-president on public relations of North American division Mazda, having declared, that Mazda does not plan the hybrid future for Mazda6.

Let’s remind, on Mazda6 2009 lineups will establish 170-strong 2.5 l the petrol engine with a mechanical transmission and the expense of fuel of 9.4 l on 100 km in city line and 8.1 l on 100 km on highway. On the version, under a cowl 3.7 l will settle down. The motor power of 270 h.p. which will consume to 13.8 l of fuel on 100 km in a city.