Jaguar XF Universal

Dealers worldwide accept numerous orders for model which urged to raise sales of the British mark – new Jaguar XF. Inspired with similar success, the company has reflected on release new car body variants XF, including, a coupe, a cabriolet and the versatile person.

Automobile journalists already had time to draw shape of universal Jaguar XF. Taking into account that all rights to mark have passed since recent time in hands Indian Tata, release of new models is represented rather probable.

Judging by the image, the universal will receive a traditional rear door opening upwards and the expanded line of a roof. Probably also, that the car will have increased wheelbase and more a rigid suspension.

While it is for certain known that Jaguar prepares more powerful version XF with designation XF-R. The novelty is aimed at a competition with BMW M5 and Audi RS6, and its prototypes already repeatedly removed on tests near Nurburgring. On hearings, the car will be equipped 500-strong performance tuned engine V8 in volume of 5.0 l.