Hummer will start to make Pickups

H3T Is a second pickup in modelling number Hummer. As is known it will keep the company of senior model H2 SUT. The novelty of this car is constructed on a platform of off-road car Chevrolet Colorado/H3, but a pickup wheelbase have increased by 8,6 sm more and makes 3,41 m.
Hummer H3 Pickup
It is charming and during too time the powerful car by the graceful kind so can brag of the 5 local interior and a load box long in 1,5 m. the Motor line of this car fill up two gasoline engines: 3,7 capacity in 245 h.p. and 5,3 capacity in 304 H.P.

Transmission of this car 5 step MKP. So there is a 4-band automatic machine. In the car two types of suspenders are provided: 1) For highway and 2) off-road. The car will not deprive of an all wheel drive on 4 wheels.

Manufacture of this car has already begun in the autumn at factory GM in the State of Louisiana.

The info about the car price is not known.