BMW is working on more offroad cars

BMW is famous for the love to washing out of the thin side separating car with standard technical parametres from off-road cars. The best to volume the proof – off-road cars on bases of 3rd and 5th series.

More recently from the sources close to BMW, data that the famous German concern is going to “plant” the new off-road car on base of model of 1st series have arrived. 4 wheel drive Х1 has already met with approval at general management in company board whereas the destiny of the newcomer two-door Х2 is while in a discussion and statement stage.

If to believe CAR Magazine, novelty Х2 with sports strokes will differ considerable similarity to senior “brother” Х6 and uses a platform 4х4. Most likely, it will borrow a ruler of power units at model of 1st series.

Occurrence Х1 is expected in 2010 whereas release Х2 is planned for 2011.