BMW changing the plans because of falling USD

Because of weak dollar and euro strengthening, and also a rise in prices for metal the management of the Bavarian auto concern has made decision to increase cost of production.

Management BMW has declared, that the price for cars will grow not only this year, but also in the following, and the first it will be felt by inhabitants of the North America. However, in the company have not wanted to sound even approximate rates of growth of results of a new price policy.

According to German motor-car manufacturers, next year in the automobile market of the USA it is planned to realize no more than 40 thousand copies of cars. The remained cars which will not disperse behind ocean, will go on the markets of Europe and other continents, writes Top Speed.

Representatives BMW have once again confirmed, that because of the developed situation in the company decided to refuse idea of manufacture of magnificent crossover X7 which could become competitor Rover Range Rover. However, today the information has filtered into the press that BMW can let out one more small crossover X4 which will be constructed on the basis of X3 new generation.