Aston Martin DBS Volante Cabrio

Tomorrow, when in Geneva the international motor show will open for all comers, each visitor can get acquainted with new cabriolet Aston Martin DBS.

Model Aston Martin DBS Volante became the sixteenth cabriolet for 95-year-old history of concern. The car combining luxury, comfort and amazing dynamics, is completed with a soft collapsible roof which can be hoisted in case of a bad weather of all for 14 seconds

Under a car cowl engine V12 by power of 510 h.p. and as much as possible twisting moment of 570 Nanometers is installed 6 l. Cabriolet Aston Martin DBS Volante is capable to be dispersed to 307 km/hour and to type first “hundred” to it 4,3 seconds the model Engine is required it is possible to join or with a six-step mechanical gear box, or with six-high-speed automatic transmission Touchtronic. To stop the fast car karbono-ceramic brakes will help, is spoken in the press release. From carbon front fenders, a cowl, a boot lid also are made. As a result weight Aston Martin DBS Volante makes 1810 kg that is comparable to weight ordinary a German sedan. The cabriolet has four landing places, but behind, possibly, children so “gallery” will approach for luggage more cannot be located even.

The first models will find the owners in the third quarter of current year, and car cost should declare hardly later.