5 Series BMW Touring Car in 2009

The 5 series remains to one of the most demanded models among the Bavarian company: for 2009 the next updating of a series is planned. “Five” prototypes more than once came across in objectives of the paparazzi in streets of Munich.The new versatile person of the 5th series will change, basically, from within. Under a car cowl will stand new bi-turbo engine V8 from model BMW Х6. The motor volume will make 4.4 l, power parameters yet are not called. Further the company will offer also the diesel version of this unit. Now BMW develops the second generation of system of direct injection “common-rail”. Transmissions for new Touring become 6МКПП and a semiautomatic device on six steps Steptronic, it is not excluded also, that the car will receive advanced eight-step box ZF.

Engineers BMW will change and will facilitate a body arrangement: the aluminium spatial frame, and for a passenger compartment and a rear – the traditional steel monocook will be in front involved. On a front axle of the versatile person will establish an independent suspension of type MacPherson, and behind – multilever. Wide use easy carbon materials considerably will lower car weight.