2010 Toyota Supra

SupraThe car lovers impatiently expecting possibility though with half an eye to look at new generation super car Toyota Supra 2010-year, have received, at last chance to realize the wish. However, hardly they have tested pleasure at the sight of the favorite which ex-terrier, if to trust the sketches published in the Network, has undergone to fundamental restyling.

Experts and admirers of model long argued, as the new generation a sports car will look, and the presentation of concept Toyota FT-HS in 2007 only has poured oil on the flame. As early as the whole year it was not known, than becomes FT-HS after new Celica or following Supra. And only more recently – on the Melbourn car show – the head of the Australian division of the company Peter Evans it is transparent has hinted that FT-HS becomes prototype Supra.

Present computer visualisation confirms P.Evans’s words, however, it is necessary to note, the design of concept car has been considerably changed and, alas, not to the best.

According to the received information, the “Forcing” star have equipped with 3,7-litre engine V6 which power makes 350 h.p.